Sustainability | Grand Guadalupe by Inmense


Grand Guadalupe by Inmense

Inmense Hotels is a responsible company that is at the forefront of sustainable practices. We are committed to good management of resources, because we want to ensure that future generations benefit from the welfare state we aspire to achieve.

Among our business policies, saving water and non-renewable resources is a priority. We use renewable energy, such as solar, and encourage ecological awareness among our customers.

We have a rigorous practice of recycling, so we eliminated completely the use of plastic containers in our hotels. Per year we save:

  • 60,000 PET bottles.
  • 120,000 cream and shampoo containers.
  • 200,000 disposables like straws, cups, and plates.

Even our organic waste is transformed into a compost, destined to nourish orchards, where high quality food, free of preservatives, grows and is harvest by Mexican hands to later be brought to your table.

For our company it is extremely important to support the development of communities, so we do not use frozen transnationals products. Instead, we consume items of small producers and providers within the same locality.

We are proud to integrate handcrafted pieces as decorative elements of our hotels, typical from where they are located, resulting in spaces with a soul, full of life and conditioned for your comfort.